Knowledge Travel and Democracy

This series examines aspects of “post-truth politics” around the world. In an attempt to expand our view beyond the United States, contributors have been asked to address the purchase of concepts such as “post-truth” in other political and cultural contexts.

Tito Carvalho, Shifting Political Orders: “Post-Truth Politics” in the U.K., U.S., and Brazil

Casper Bruun Jensen, Thought From the Outside: Post-Truth and Cambodian Political Theater

Francesca Bosisio, Post-truth Politics in Switzerland and Threats to Direct Democracy

Ehsan Nabavi, Make Engineering Great Again: Shifting to ‘Self-Expert’ Platform of Governance in Iran and the US

Rika Febriyani and AbdouMaliq Simone, Making Way, True or Not, in Jakarta

Marja Hinfelaar and Tinenenji Banda, Post-Truth and Zambia’s King Cobra

Mei Zhan, “Let the bullets fly for a while”: an allegory from China

Peter Lauritsen & Lars Bo Andersen, Trumpism in Denmark

Kregg Hetherington, The End of Truth Politics in Paraguay


Series edited by Kasper Hedegård Schiølin.